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18 сентября 2008

Vivica Genaux "Arias for Farinelli" 2002 год

Категория: Музыка / Классика / Опера

Vivica Genaux "Arias for Farinelli" 2002 год

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"Thanks to the cinema, Farinelli is now popularly seen as the archetype of Baroque vocal art. His timbre and technique were an inspiration to the composers of his time, and many opera arias bearing the mark of Farinelli have come down to us. A selection of these, many of them never recorded before, is performed here by the American mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux, one of the few singers capable of doing justice to this demanding repertory. Long acquainted with these virtuoso arias and the vocal technique they require, Rene Jacobs has provided specially written decorations for each of them."

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Список композиций:

01 Porpora. Dall'amor Piu Sventurato (Orfeo) 04:18
02 Broschi. Ombra Fedele Anch'io (Idaspe) 10:06
03 Broschi. Ombra Fedele Anch'io 08:08
04 Giacomeli. Mancare Dio Mi Sento (Adriano In Siria) 11:19
05 Galuppi. Concerto A 4 - En Do Mineur - C Minor - Grave 04:15
06 Galuppi. Concerto A 4 - C Minor - Allegro 03:41
07 Galuppi. Concerto A 4 - C Minor - Andante 02:06
08 Porpora. Oh Volesser Gli Dei... Dolci Freschi Aurette (Polifemo) 08:28
09 Hasse. Or La Nube Procellosa (Artaserse) 04:50
10 Hasse. Per Questo Dolce Amplesso (Artaserse) 06:09
11 Giacomeli. Quell'usignolo (Merope) 14:07

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Вокал: Женский
Язык: Итальянский
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