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18 октября 2008

Zhou Xuan "The Wandering Songstress" 2006 год

Категория: Pop/Vocal/Эстрада / Ретро

Zhou Xuan "The Wandering Songstress" 2006 год
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Zhou Xuan
Brief: This album is Original Recordings for original 1930's songs by the famous Shanghai Diva(an actress in 43 films and a singer). 'Golden Voice'was Zhouxuan's nickname to commend her singing talents after a singing competition in Shanghai. Zhou rapidly became the most famous and marketable popular singer in the gramophone era up to her death, singing many famous tunes from her own movies. Since technical limitations at that time in China, the music sounds a bit distortion, but it does not have any impact on that her frail but eminently musical voice captured the hearts of millions of Chinese of her time, her image in Chinese perspectives is nothing less than Audrey Hepburn to the world.
The true is not always the beautiful or virtue. Trying tracklist 01,02,10,18 will take you faraway back into a deja-vu voyage: 1930s of oldy Shanghai Tang, a collision and mixture of the cultures.

Список композиций:

01.The Wandering Songstress (00:02:31)
02.A song of four seasons (00:02:09)
03.A flower Inserted in garment\'s button whole (00:02:35)
04.Breeze in May (00:02:59)
05.Gather areca nuts (00:02:18)
06.Silver flowers are flying (00:02:57)
07.Servant-girl Honghang is ender interrogation with torture (00:03:16)
08.Selling sundry goods (00:03:10)
09.Peach blossoms in Long Hua (00:02:37)
10.One\'s young life like a flower (00:03:06)
11.Longing for her lover (00:03:14)
12.Refugees\' song (00:02:59)
13.Smile forever (00:03:02)
14.Yellow leaves danced in autumm wind (00:02:16)
15.Bury fallen flowers (00:03:10)
16.Full moon and blooming flowers (00:02:55)
17.Donot be unworthy of the young time (00:02:48)
18.Nightlife of Shanghai (00:02:47)

Общее время: 50:57

Стиль: Vocal, Retro
Вокал: женский
Язык : китайский

Zhou Xuan

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